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Here at Camloch Collies, we dedicate ourselves to raising our puppies to be the very best they can be.  To that end, careful research and study go into choosing the right parents in terms of health, temperament, and that order.  Parents are screened for hips by PennHip, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Canine Renal Dysplasia, and MDR1 (Multi-drug resistence gene).  Because of the effort that goes into each litter, we usually only have one litter per year.

Once our puppies are born, our efforts continue with a strong emphasis on socialization. They arrive into a quiet, calm environment in our home where they can be nurtured in their infancy.  Once their eyes and ears are open, and are steady on their feet, they are moved into our living room. They are exposed to as many people, animals, sounds, surfaces, and experiences possible so that they become well-rounded individuals whether they be destined for the show ring, herding, obedience, or agility arena or a much loved companion.

Because we want the very best for our little ones, we screen our prospective homes thoroughly.  We use a questionnaire to begin the process and to keep that information on file for our waiting list.  As our puppies grow, they are observed carefully for individual personalities, energy levels, and nuances which includes Puppy Aptitude Testing.  All this is done to match the right puppy into each home so that they have a lifetime of enjoyment from each other.

We are always available to our Camloch family, whether it be to offer support for a training issue or just enjoy a sweet story about them.  It is so important to us to remain involved, even if it's just an email now and then to share with us how they are doing.  All companion dogs and puppies are sold on a spay/neuter contract and we reserve the right to refuse a sale if we feel the match doesn't fit. 

Because of this, we do have from time to time, older puppies, or young adults, that were raised by us but for some reason don't turn out as we'd hoped.  It is always our goal to keep the lowest number of dogs possible so they have the best quality life possible. We look forward to your inquires.


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